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We nurture versatile, confident and individual young actors.
Acting is at the core of everything we do at Stagewise and we recognise that strong acting skills are also essential for musical theatre.

Stagewise acting workshops provide a firm foundation for those students who aspire to go on to further training at drama school and to pursue a professional career.

Workshops are carefully structured to give each student the opportunity to explore and develop a wide variety of skills including: improvisation, sight reading, script work, comedy, mask work, characterisation, Laban, voice work, radio, Shakespeare, devising, stage combat, physical theatre and acting for film and television.

We help you to develop your acting skills to their full potential by drawing on a variety of acting techniques including Stanislavsky, Hagen, Meisner and Kogan. We encourage actors to stay curious and playful, to use their imagination and never to be afraid to make mistakes.

Students work together as an acting company and gain valuable ensemble skills whilst learning to recognise and develop their individual talent and to practice a generous and professional work ethic.

Audition preparation and practice is integral to our acting training and students are encouraged to build a repertoire of contemporary and classical audition monologues. Students can work towards acting, singing and musical theatre exams with LAMDA, Trinity and RADA. We are ambitious for all our students and have a 100% pass rate at merit and distinction.

We have regular masterclasses with Industry guest creatives from the West End, Film, Theatre and Television.





At Stagewise singing workshops help young performers to develop a strong technical foundation
Learn to sing using a safe technique and develop an individual and free singing voice.

Explore a wide range of musical genres including musical theatre, pop, rock, gospel, jazz and even opera! You will have the chance to try song writing, microphone technique, recording and to sing and perform with live musicians.

Our workshops focus on all the essential elements of singing: breathing, diaphragmatic support, extension of range, placement, projection, posture, tone, tuning, articulation and blending of head and chest voice.
Group singing work develops the necessary skills for choral and ensemble work including harmonies, vocal blending and dynamics. We also focus on solo singing which will encourage and develop your confidence and individually.

Acting through Song
Learn how to deliver a convincing and truthful musical theatre performance through the integration of acting and singing using song lyrics as dramatic text and musical dynamics to highlight emotional changes.

Audition Technique
Build a portfolio of audition songs covering a wide range of styles in preparation for auditions.





Our dance workshops focus on musical theatre, modern jazz, contemporary, street dance and tap.

Workshops are carefully structured to include a thorough physical warm up, technical exercises and a choreographed routine.

As part of our dance workshops, you will be given the opportunity to get creative! Students are encouraged to devise their own choreography using their imagination and ideas.

Stagewise dance workshops will develop your musicality and rhythm, improve your poise and posture, increase your flexibility and co-ordination and develop your focus and self-discipline.