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"Before I even mention the cast I need to give a huge shout-out for the incredible lighting effects. With no set to speak of save a small platform, and no costume changes, they really come into their own and are absolutely spectacular.

The production team of Ally Cox (director), Andy Brennan (choreographer) and Jillie Willcock (musical director) have done wonders with their young cast, who also benefited from a workshop with professional performer Ryan Gover, who is currently in the cast of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory but has also appeared in Cats on tour and at the London Palladium.

From the tiniest ‘kittens’, aged 5 or so, to the students on the point of leaving for college or university, the enthusiasm and pzazz that emanated from them all was a joy to watch. There are some huge dance numbers in the show and the standard of choreography was absolutely stunning. I was also mightily impressed that, despite the very limited wing space at the Regent, even when the full company was on stage everyone was swiftly gone at the end of their number. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised though, as my own cat seems to have the ability to appear or disappear at will.

It was also very evident that there are plenty of excellent singers and actors among the performers, not least Joe Chadwick as a very personable (or should that be cattable?) Rum Tum Tugger and Victoria Heaslip as former Glamour Cat Grizabella. Martha Potts and Ruby Douglass as Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer (loved the accents), Thomas Spiers (Gus, the Theatre Cat), Chloe Payne (Jellyorum), Miriam Wareham (Victoria/White Cat), Jessica Dix (Old Deuteronomy) and Lauren Rutherford (Jennyanydots). However, this is very much an ensemble piece and each one of this fine and hard-working cast deserves no less than an extra dish of cream – and if there’s any to spare I’d like to think it could be shared with whoever was responsible for the super make-up that turned these young people into extremely realistic felines."

Linda Kirkman, Scene One Magazine

Cats production photography